Popular colored glass bottle in the market

Popular colored glass bottle in the market

Use colored glass bottles to package all your products elegantly. Various hues and compositions of tinted glass bottles work best for different contents. For example, amber-colored bottles are good for storing sensitive liquids because of the UV-filtering qualities of the glass. Borosilicate glass, which comes in a variety of colors, is popular for packaging chemical solutions. Color coding chemical solutions with different shades of glass or caps helps prevent dangerous and costly mix ups. Small colored glass bottles work well for companies that produce essential oils, perfumes, and other scents.so more and more colored glass bottle for sale.

Among the most popular are black liquor bottles and black wine bottles.

Dark glass bottles such as black win bottle can block about 90% of the light, while light-colored glass bottles can block 50% of the light. Although light-colored glass bottles cannot filter visible light, they can filter part of the ultraviolet light, while dark-colored glass bottles can filter out almost all visible light and ultraviolet light.

Beside, black liquor bottles with custom labels for a luxurious and mysterious.

Popular colored glass bottle in the market

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