How to select wine bottles according different color

  1. Transparent (colorless): Transparent glass bottles are an excellent choice for displaying the beautiful color of the wine. Its elegant appearance highlights the clarity and transparency of the wine in the bottle, creating a pure and noble image for the wine.
  2. Blue: With its serene and calm qualities, blue glass bottles provide a mysterious and unique display method for wine. This bottle color is often associated with wine origin or grape varieties, which brings visual pleasure and association to people.
  3. Green: Green glass bottles give people a natural and fresh feeling, suitable for organic wine or refreshing white wine. The green color of the bottle reflects light, which helps protect the wine from ultraviolet rays and prolongs the shelf life of the wine.
  4. Red: Red glass bottles often complement rich red wines. This striking color adds warmth and strength to the bottle, and is the highlight that immediately catches the eye with the wine.
  5. Amber (brown): Amber glass bottles convey an ancient and classic atmosphere, suitable for containing aging wine or wine with a longer age. It blocks the transmission of light and protects the wine from excessive oxidation and light.

These glass bottles of different colors provide a variety of options for wine display and protection, and bring distinctive visual enjoyment through color changes. Whether it is a clear and transparent transparent bottle or a mysterious and romantic blue bottle, each glass bottle echoes the characteristics of wine invisibly, and together they bring us a wonderful wine culture experience.

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