why olive oil be in a clear bottle?

The requirement for olive oil to be stored in a clear bottle is actually a matter of preference and marketing strategy. While brown glass bottles are commonly used to protect light-sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals and certain beverages, clear glass bottles are often chosen for olive oil to showcase its natural, vibrant color and clarity.
Olive oil is known for its golden or greenish hues, and the transparency of a clear glass bottle allows consumers to appreciate and assess the quality of the oil before purchasing. The appealing visuals of the oil can influence consumer perception and add to the overall experience of buying and using olive oil.
However, it is important to note that exposure to direct sunlight or prolonged light exposure can negatively affect the quality shelf life of olive oil. To mitigate this, manufacturers often take measures to the clear bottles from light, such as using UV filters or providing secondary packaging like boxes or dark-colored wrappers.
In summary, although brown bottles are commonly used to protect light-sensitive products, the choice to package olive oil glass bottle in clear glass bottles is mainly driven by aesthetic considerations and the desire to showcase the natural color and quality of the oil.

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