We won't raise the price

We Won’t Raise The Price!

We Won't Raise The Price!

We don’t raise the price! We don’t raise prices! We don’t raise prices!

The rise of sea freight in 2021 has a great impact on dear purchasers, including rising costs and delayed delivery time. However, as a responsible enterprise, we provide customers with a variety of solutions in 2021, including 40nor. Change the packaging method and increase the quantity of a single container. Shipping company pricing. For each of our partners to save costs as much as possible,. In 2022, we expanded our production capacity by one third to meet the upcoming economic recovery and increased demand. After two months of reduction, the sea freight basically stabilized to a reasonable range. However, the Russian Ukrainian war has ushered in, which has brought about a rise in energy. In order to make long-term partners, but….. In April, we continue to keep the price unchanged, continue to ensure that the delivery time is not delayed, and the quality of the goods is still excellent. Please rest assured that VIT is still your diamond strong glass bottle supplier.

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