Hoh Xil Cylindrical Glass Bottle

Hoh Xil cylindrical glass bottle
A bottle is inspired by the style of old-fashioned experimental utensils. We have found a balance between the short cylindrical side and the conical shoulder, and its optimized shape provides adaptability and possibility for product customization. So...

Diamond Shaped Glass Bottle

Diamond shaped glass bottle
Diamond, derived from the ancient Greek adamant, means hard and inviolable material. It is recognized as the king of gemstones. Its unique polyhedron shape is so beautiful that we extend this beauty to our glass bottle design.

311-750ml international standard decal liquor bottle

311-750ml international standard decal liquor bottle
Glass bottles are gradually replacing plastic bottles because of environmental protection and reusability, especially in the liquor market. Glass bottles because of their own texture structure, there are small gaps that are difficult for us to discern with the naked eye, which plays...

Cylindrical Elegant Glass Bottle

Cylindrical elegant glass bottle

Multiple Capacity:500ML / 700ML Product Parameters PART Round MODIFIERS Cylinders WEIGHT 580.00g HEIGHT [A] 225.00 mm MAXIMUM SECTION [B] 92.0 mm INLET HOLE ‡ [C] 34.0 mm PUNT THICKNESS 6.25 mm

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