What is the standard for identifying glass bottles

What is The Standard For Identifying Glass Bottles?

VIT tells you about several main factors affecting the quality of glass wine bottles: first, identify the internal quality of a glass wine bottle. Of course, a series of tests such as cold explosion test and internal stress test are required. When we get a glass wine bottle, the bottle body is smooth and bright, there is no color difference, the bottle mouth is complete, the thickness of the bottle bottom is uniform, and there are no obvious defects. This is a qualified glass wine bottle. Looking at the bright light, the glass wine bottle has dense small bubbles on the bottle body. The direct consequence of this situation is that the internal stress of the glass wine bottle is not enough, which is mainly caused by the insufficient temperature of the melting pool and the insufficient melting of the glass liquid, which is a serious quality problem.

Recycled glass

If the mold is not used for a long time and the surface is oxidized or continuously used, resulting in some impurities adhering to the mold surface, the glass wine bottle will be slightly uneven. Although it does not affect the quality in essence, it seriously affects the appearance.

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