unique liquor bottles

unique liquor bottles made of high-quality molds

When making unique liquor bottles, in order to ensure the quality of glass bottles. Most of us will choose the mold, first use the mold to test, and then put into production. You may be unfamiliar with the relevant knowledge field of glass bottle mould. Let’s give you a brief introduction~

unique liquor bottles

Glass bottle making:
If it is a glass bottle with a capacity of more than 700-1000 ml, it is recommended to use a drip machine for production,
If the capacity is below 250-500ml, it is recommended to use a double drop machine for production, most of which are 6 pairs or 8 pairs.
Mold making:
Sample making, from designing bottle drawings, to customer confirmation, and then to making molds, unique liquor bottles requires very high precision of molds. The mold needs to be finely polished and adjusted. Only in this way can it meet the needs of production. In addition, there are also high requirements for raw materials, temperature and annealing process of products.
Glass bottle mould plays a very important role in our production of unique liquor bottles. The so-called “big trees start from the root”. If our foundation is not firm, it may be even more difficult to get “towering trees”.

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