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Diversified Liquor Trend

For the liquor brands, product power is still the king. Drinking will eventually return to quality, even value and culture. If a brand cannot form user stickiness with its strong product strength, it will inevitably be eliminated by the market that loves the new and hates the old. But now the diversified glass liquor bottles market is quietly emerging. More and more young people choose to have the following trends:

  1. Intensified competition in the low-alcohol liquor market. The track seems to be lively, but many brands can barely survive. Although low-alcohol drinking is still in the stage of “category, no brand”,But homogenization seriously exacerbated the shuffling. Supply chains, brands, and channels determine the market share and position of new brands.
  2. Health is still a big trend. The twentith persons and Generation are more rational in the consumption of liquor, and their consumption preferences have also shifted to low alcohol, low sugar, fashion and health.
  3. There are no boundaries for early adopters, and the categories and tastes are more diversified. Although spirit is still the first category, rice wine, foreign liquor, fruit liquor, craft beer and other categories are constantly grabbing the glass liquor bottles of consumers.
  4. More consumption scenarios are excavated and created. For drink companies, it is urgent to excavate and shape their own consumption scenarios, from relatively emerging and niche sub-categories to a broader and high-frequency mass market.
  5. Market concentration and standardized development. The differentiation and adjustment of the liquor industry is coming to an end, entering the era of value consumption centered on brand and quality, and high-quality liquor is still a good track.
glass liquor bottles

Therefore, developing the design of new brands and creat their own glass liquor bottles are still the most effective way for alcohol brands to occupy the market.

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