fancy liquor bottles

Market positioning of fancy liquor bottles

At present, most glass packaging products are straight bottles, and most of the existing processing equipment is only suitable for processing straight bottles. Because the fancy liquor bottles have the obvious advantages of being easy to grasp and not slipping, the demand for fancy liquor bottles is increasing day by day. Through the process improvement of domestic bottle making equipment and the optimization of other stations, glass bottle manufacturers give priority to manufacturing large-diameter straight bottles, and then carry out secondary molding processing, To produce fancy liquor bottles. At present, most of the fancy liquor glass bottles are used to hold perfume or other liquids. When placed or used, the existing fancy liquor bottles have no sealing device, but are equipped with sealing gaskets on the bottle cap, which has poor sealing effect. Therefore, a new type of fancy liquor bottles is needed to meet people’s living needs.

fancy liquor bottles

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