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Trends in the use of food glass bottles

At present, food glass bottles are on the market. As plastic food bottles are troubled by materials and questioned by consumers, more and more food bottles are made of glass. However, compared with pet, the recovery rate of glass food bottle packaging is very low. This is a problem that we need to pay attention to when using glass food bottles in our current market.

In fact, compared with plastic packaging, food glass bottle packaging can be reused and can withstand high temperature. In the case of low recovery rate, if the glass bottle production line can improve the reusability, it will promote the possibility of sustainable development. We believe that if it is convenient to clean and disinfect, ordinary consumers are willing to continue to use discarded food glass bottles instead of discarding them at will. Of course, food glass bottles should also be designed to facilitate subsequent use by consumers.

Trends in the use of food glass bottles

With the increasing popularity of the food glass can market, valiant group’s next plan is to launch: 24 oz ball canning jars wholesale. Coming soon!

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