Appreciation: The Art of Whiskey Bottles

Appreciation: The Art of Whiskey Bottles

The flowing time is brewed into bottles of whisky, sealed in clear and transparent glass bottles, both strong and sweet…
When purchasing whisky, the intuitive impression of the bottle is always one of the important factors that arouse people’s desire to buy. Some people may say that quality is everything, but we have to admit that human beings are the most typical visual animals, and they are more or less affected by the packaging itself. An artistic wine label or bottle is a powerful “weapon” to attract buyers. “.

In 2015, independent whisky bottler Gordon & Macphail pioneered the stunning drop bottle design, which is still regarded as a benchmark in the whisky industry today.

Not only is the wine inside amazing, but the whiskey sample bottles itself is also eye-catching. The water drop-like bottle shows the fusion of time and the water of life vividly, as if telling that the 75-year-old wine is a drop of the essence.

Crystal glass is the pinnacle of glass craftsmanship. The extremely transparent glass is covered with amber-colored wine, and the rocks, coastal landforms, and waves are carved on the bottle, reminiscent of the hometown of Islay.

Contact us if you want to personalize your whisky. We can customize according to your requirements and provide you whiskey sample bottles.

Appreciation: The Art of Whiskey Bottles

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