How to ensure customers receive undamaged glass bottles

How to ensure customers receive undamaged glass bottles

Every day there are millions liquor bottles for sales from the manufacture. How to protect customers receiving glass bottles that are undamaged?

After so many years of experience in glass bottle factories, it can be proved that the main reason for the high breakage rate of glass bottles is caused by transportation. The order quantity of liquor bottles for sale is generally very large. If it is broken during transportation, it will not only increase the cost of both parties but also It is easy to be dangerous, so we must understand the correct knowledge of glass bottle transportation in order to reduce unnecessary losses.

First of all, the driver should not brake suddenly during the transportation process. It is possible that when the goods are not packed too close, it is easy to shake and cause damage after the collision, because after such a phenomenon occurs, it is very likely that serious cracks will appear. If it is broken, the buyer of the broken glass bottle cannot use it, which will cause great losses.

Secondly, the safe packaging and loading and unloading process are also an important factor in the high breakage rate. The glass bottle factory should also pay attention to the safe packaging of these glass bottles. The factory and customer stevedores must handle it with care. responsibility for the goods.

How to ensure customers receive undamaged glass bottles

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