Why Brown Glass Bottles Are Eco-Friendly

Why Brown Glass Bottles Are Eco-Friendly

Brown glass bottles are a great plastic free alternative to the plastic cleaning bottles. They have a range of uses that are handy in all homes. Plus, they look very aesthetically pleasing on your shelves and by your sinks.

We have brown glass bottles to satisfy every need from pump to spray, pipette dropper bottles to aluminium screw on lid bottles. They also come in a variety of sizes too including 500ml, 250ml, 100ml, 50ml, 30ml and 10ml and can be refilled again and again! 

Originally brown glass bottles were made to reduce plastic packaging waste, but have evolved as a handy solution for many of your storage problems. From personal care items to cleaning products, the bottle is perfect to store all your liquid essentials.

Why not use your eco-friendly amber glass bottle to declutter and organise your space by storing products such as soap, beard oil and herbal remedies; for dispensing aromatherapy essential and carrier oils; for cleaning sprays; or as a simple vintage decoration or even as a flower vase. 

Why Brown Glass Bottles Are Eco-Friendly

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