Finlandia vodka basic information

Are you looking for 1 liter glass bottle wholesalers,Finlandia vodka is made from pure glacier water and first grade barley. finlandia vodka from Finland in Northern Europe was born in Scandinavia in 1970 and entered the American market in 1971. Because of its pure quality and natural Nordic flavor and tradition, it has established a brand image of premium vodka. In the past ten years, sales have grown rapidly, and it is one of the leading duty-free shops in the world.

Finlandia Finnish vodka, not only the bottle is a work of art drawn from the shape of icicles in the Finnish glaciers, but 60% of its main ingredient – water, is filtered through more than 10,000 years of moraine, which retains the pure beauty and pure form of the ice age Incomparable Finnish glacier water. Natural essence cannot be imparted by purification, filtration or other techniques.
In addition, Finlandia Finnish Vodka has included 1,200 hectares of the water source as a protected area in order to ensure the pure water source.

Pure water and Finnish six-rowed barley grown in the only remaining clean ecological environment in the world constitute the prerequisites for brewing good vodka.
Generally, grain ingredients contain oil, and the residual oily smell during the brewing process will affect the taste of vodka.
Six-row barley was bred in the pristine air and clean water of Finland, and the cold climate in Finland made the soil completely free from chemical pollution. Therefore, six-row barley is naturally less oily and can be used for brewing without compromising the natural taste of vodka. It can be described as a fusion of heaven and earth Essence of the Creator’s Gift.

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Finlandia vodka basic information

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