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How to choose a suitable pickle bottle

MaterialThe material of the pickle bottle has an impact on the preservation effect and service life. Common materials include glass, ceramics, plastics and stainless steel. Glass and ceramic materials are relatively stable and generally do not release harmful substances, but…

Discover the stories behind beautiful tequila bottles

一、Overview of product evaluation In today’s alcohol market, beautiful tequila bottles have become a unique cultural phenomenon. As consumers’ aesthetic concepts continue to improve, more and more brands are beginning to pay attention to the appearance design of their products…

How much do you know about inexpensive glass jars?

everages, cosmetics, and other industries due to their high transparency, beautiful appearance, good sealing, and strong durability. Glass jars have high chemical stability, are not easy to react with stored objects, and can effectively ensure the quality and safety of…

5 common packaging methods for glass bottles

Common glass bottle packaging methods: Since glass bottles do not have secondary processing, as long as the glass bottles are not damaged during transportation and there is no pollution in the glass bottles, the customer’s requirements can be met. Therefore,…

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