how to cut a square glass bottle

In this article, we will demonstrate how to cut a square glass bottle.

For this project, you will need the following materials:


Glass bottles

Hot and cold water

Sand paper 80 and 280 grit


Glass cutter



First and foremost, it is necessary to make a single clean pass with a glass cutter. To achieve a straight and consistent line, we constructed a simple jig using two pieces of scrap wood.

We can use a regular glass cutter, readily available at any hardware store for a few dollars. It is crucial to make one strong and continuous pass all around the bottle. Attempting multiple passes to achieve a deeper cut does not yield better results; on the contrary, it can result in multiple splitting lines. 

Prepare boiling water and cold water. The concept is to leverage physics and harness thermal stress to accomplish the task. First, evenly heat the cut line as much as possible. Then, rapidly cool it down with cold water, inducing thermal stress that will cause the cut line to crack.

This method makes cutting round bottles quite easy since they have consistent surface tension. However, with square bottles, the surface tension differs between the sides and corners, so be prepared for potential challenges. Not all attempts to cut square bottles will be successful.

There may be instances when only a portion of the glass separates, leaving the top incomplete. Take your time and repeat the process on the remaining cut line. In such situations, a gentle tap can hasten the process.

Even if you execute the technique correctly, there may still be occasions when the cut does not turn out perfectly or unwanted cracks occur. This is because all bottles can have invisible micro cracks that alter the direction of the cut line.

To smooth the edges, we utilized 60-grit sandpaper and wet-sanded until reaching an acceptable result. To achieve a polished finish, we proceeded with 280-grit sandpaper.

And here is the final result – smooth edges and a beautiful glossy surface.

As for purpose, it solely depends on your imagination. Aside from round bottles, square bottles, such as this Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey bottle that has been repurposed, can serve as excellent bases for DIY candles, flower vases, and pen holders. The project possibilities are virtually endless!

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