What factors affect the price of glass bottles?

What factors affect the price of glass bottles?

The price of glass bottles is different, because it is divided into different specifications, even the same product is different, so the price of glass bottles is high and low. So, what exactly determines it?

Different materials and specifications, different prices

For example, spirit clear glass bottles are divided into super crystal flint, high white flint, ordinary flint bottles. Also colored bottles, decorative liquor bottles. What kind of bottle should be used for what grade of liquor? In the selection, it is selected according to the specific use needs and requirements, and determined according to the actual use standards and methods, which can fully demonstrate certain performance and advantages. Square glass bottles usually more cost than cylinder glass bottle.

The quality of glass bottles is different, the price is different

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, which includes the material, thickness, refractive index, internal stress, shock resistance and other indicators of the glass. The fineness of workmanship, durability, and standard requirements are different, and the quality of the glass bottles produced will be different. Prices are different.

The above are several factors that affect the price of glass bottles. A good glass bottle manufacturer actually adheres to the principle of “high-quality pricing”, “cheap and high-quality” is an empty talk, and any high-quality product is cost-supported. Buy cheap buy twice.If an enterprise wants to develop for a long time, it cannot look at the small profit in front of it, and it is the key to make its own products well.

What factors affect the price of glass bottles?

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