Do you really understand "personal order"?

Do you really understand “personal order”?

In the long history of development, private customization is closely related to the status of the royal family . Today, let’s talk about the personal customization of perfume.

We are always used to choosing our favorite perfume in the brand counter, light fragrance, strong fragrance, front and back notes, sandalwood and daisy… Have you ever thought that if you can configure a fragrance that is your own with a variety of flavors you like ? Does walking on the street with your own taste will make you more confident? Most of the perfume customization brands that dominated one or two hundred years ago have passed away today, but the perfume customization services of major brands still exist, and you can see their style here. Caron, Jean Patou and Chanel are among the few brands that have always had their own perfumers. Most brands just hire perfumers from fragrance companies to make a certain fragrance for the brand. Joy, once known as the most expensive perfume, was created by the perfumer of Jean Patou. Customers who want to order a perfume will need to visit the new Jean Patou store in Paris to speak with a perfumer, as well as experience 2,000 fragrances a nd essential oils in the store’s perfume laboratory. The process of customizing perfume in Jean Patou takes about a year or more. In addition to the private customization of perfume, the private customization of perfume also includes the personalized perfume bottle. The perfume bottle is designed by the designer for several years to highlight the unique shape of the bottle. Some are embellished with diamonds inlaid with gold leaf to show the noble splendor of this custom-made product.

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Do you really understand "personal order"?

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