Why glass wine bottles come in different shapes and sizes?

Bottled beer is usually 500ML, Are you looking for 500ml glass bottles for sale service provider ,why are Chinese beer bottles so big? And foreign beer bottles small? In fact, it is not necessarily the case. There are also Big Mac beer bottles in foreign countries, for example, the “forty” in the United States-40 ounces (1200 ml).

forty beer bottle. Some people have the impression that foreigners drink small bottles of beer more often, probably because of the scenes in bars seen in movies and TV dramas, where people prefer to drink small bottles of beer directly. The beer bottles in China are large, probably because the Chinese people drink beer more often on the wine table, pouring it into a glass from a large bottle.

In fact, beer bottles in the world come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The main reason is that each country has its own traditions and standards. Later, most of the beer companies are large multinational groups, in order to meet the preferences of different groups of people, supply a variety of different packaging of beer.

Small beer bottles. The earliest small beer bottle in the world was the “stubby” or “steinie” designed by the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company in the 1930s. Short and thick, with a capacity between 330 and 375ml, the name comes from “stein”, which simulates the characteristics of beer mugs at that time.

stubby beer bottle. It was mainly to fight against the tinplate cans (355ml) of beer in bars at that time. This design has a low center of gravity and is not suitable for falling. It is also made of thick glass and is not suitable for breaking. Small bottles with these two characteristics are no longer popular, and more popular are 330ml awl neck bottles and 355ml (341ml adopted in Canada) industrial standard (ISB) long neck bottles in the United States, as well as 300ml pijpjes in the Netherlands. can see.

There are many other shapes and sizes, such as British half pint bottles (284ml), Australian 250ml bottles, Dutch 207ml bottles, etc. Small bottles.

Big beer bottle. At present, our most common is the 500ml beer bottle, which is available in various neck shapes—for example, Erlenmeyer neck flasks and European 500ml short neck flasks.

Another common one is the pint bottle, with a capacity of 1 pint (568ml), which is a national standard large beer bottle formulated in the late 20th century in the United Kingdom. There are also American 650.6ml bomber bottles, European standard 750ml bottles and others, 950ml, 1000ml, and even 2 liters of beer bottles of various sizes, too numerous to mention.

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Why glass wine bottles come in different shapes and sizes?

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