250ml Heineken beer glass bottle 

Stylish appearance, high-end quality, 250ml beer glass bottle is full of agility, as if you can see the graceful figure of an athlete swinging a bat on the tennis court, and when you take a sip of mellow Heineken beer , immediately leaves your teeth and cheeks fragrant, and the 250ml bottle of 5% alcohol makes your heart beat faster, as if you are on a tennis court.

a 250ml beer glass bottle of beer launched by Heineken Beer has been loved by more age groups. “Small” not only reduces the burden on space, but also shows the icon of fashion trends. As Heineken beer leading the fashion trend, it launched the “250ml bottle beer” with the most perfect design. If you thought it was just a mini bottle, you underestimated it! Small body, star fashion, perfect capacity, happy toast!

Valiant produces and wholesales liquor bottles and beer bottles of different capacities, like 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml, etc.

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250ml Heineken beer glass bottle 

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