How to make red glass bottle

In all kinds of glass bottles, in addition to the colorless and transparent glass bottles that we often see in our daily life, there are many colored glass bottles, including brown glass medicine bottles, green beer bottles, and blue ones. Oral liquid bottles, etc. In the cosmetic industry, there are blue and green essential oil bottles, amber cream glass bottles, and various colors dress up modern glass bottle packaging.
How is the red glass bottle produced? Let’s find out today.
Generally speaking, red glass bottles are divided into two types, original color and painting.

Original rred glass bottle
It is found that if 0.4-0.7% coloring agent is added to the ordinary glass ingredients, the glass can be colored. Colorants are mostly oxides of metals. For example, by adding copper oxide, you can get a red glass bottle.

Painting red glass bottle
In order to save costs, people will paint transparent bottles into red bottle.

Valiant group produce glass bottles of different colors and types.

How to make red glass bottle

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