Factors Affecting the Price of Glass Bottles

The factors that determine the price of glass bottles first depend on the production cost. Glass bottles can be divided into green material, plain white, high white, milky white, crystal white, etc., and the raw materials used are also different. Among them, the green material is the cheapest, and the crystal white is the most expensive. It looks like the same piece of glass on the outside, but the price is very different. Then there is the production process. A simple glass bottle can be made by every manufacturer, but the production process of each glass bottle factory is different. The finish and shape of the product made by a good process are much better, which makes the price different.

The production of glass bottles is closely related to the minimum order quantity, and it is also a key factor in determining the price. The general minimum order quantity is 12,000. If the quantity is large (more than 100,000), the price will naturally be relatively cheaper.

If it is an order bottle type and the spot is still different. For the production of glass bottles by order, the manufacturer needs to calculate the overall output ratio, and the price will be considered in an all-round way, while the spot price is cheaper, so as to avoid a backlog of goods and occupy funds for a long time.

Off-season and peak season are also a factor that affects the price of glass bottles.

Factors Affecting the Price of Glass Bottles

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