Common liquor bottle sizes in the market

Glass bottles are an essential carrier to showcase alcoholic products, and the choice of their size is not only directly related to product quality and sales performance, but also needs to consider multiple factors such as market demand, packaging design, and production costs. Today, let’s learn about the common sizes of liquor bottles.

The most common bottle sizes in the market are 500ml 750ml, and 1L. These common liquor bottle sizes are suitable for different types of drinks, such as wine, whiskey, and vodka, due to the diversity of their sizes.

The 500ml liquor bottle is particularly suitable for positioning in the mid-market, as its price point is more affordable compared to other sizes, making it easier to attract more consumers. Additionally, the 500ml liquor bottle is also very suitable for trial sales of new products and small-scale production batches.

The 750ml liquor bottle is one of the most common bottle sizes and can basically be used for any type of drink. This size is very economical and is suitable for mid-range and high-end markets. It’s bigger than 500ml, yet it’s compact and handsome-looking, giving off an elegant yet approachable vibe, making it an ideal choice for liquor manufacturers.

The 1L liquor bottle is particularly suitable for large-capacity production and is very economical. Some low-priced and low-end drinks are also usually available in a 1L size. Moreover, 1L bottles can also meet the needs of customers with high demand.

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Common liquor bottle sizes in the market

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