Do you know the production process of multi-color glass bottles?

Multicolor glass bottle, as a unique and exquisite container, is known for its colorful appearance and highly artistic design. These bottles are crafted by a professional glass bottle manufacturer with an attention to detail and quality dedicated to providing consumers with stunning bottles.

The production process of multi-material colored glass bottles is complicated, requiring multiple processes and exquisite skills. First, manufacturers choose frits of different colors and textures, which can be transparent, translucent, or opaque. They then heated the frit to high temperatures, causing it to melt into a liquid.

In liquid glass, manufacturers add different metal oxides or other chemicals to give the glass different colors and effects. These additions can give the glass a metallic sheen, a brilliant pearlescent effect or a unique texture. Manufacturers can also adjust the proportion of additives as needed to obtain the desired color and effect.

Once the glass liquid has cooled and solidified, the manufacturer will start shaping the bottle. They use professional molds and tools, pour the glass liquid into the mold, and gradually shape it by rotating or blowing. This process requires a high degree of skill and experience to ensure that the shape and size of the bottle meet the design requirements of the manufacturer. The surface is decorated for added artistry and uniqueness. He can use various techniques such as screen printing, branding, engraving, etc. to imprint designs, logos or texts on the bottles. these trims can be metal

Do you know the production process of multi-color glass bottles?

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