375ml spirits bottle overview

  1. Product Definition
    375ml liquor bottle, as the name suggests, is a bottle specially used to hold spirits, with a capacity designed to be 375ml. Compared with other spirit bottles, 375ml liquor bottle is more suitable for single consumption or as a gift, which is both practical and commemorative.
  2. Product specifications
    In terms of size, this 375ml liquor bottle is usually around 250mm in height and 60mm in diameter. This size not only ensures the stability of the bottle, but also makes it easy to carry and store. In addition, the bottle design is often slender, helping to showcase the color and clarity of the spirit inside.
  3. Product features
    (1) Excellent sealing performance: The 375ml liquor bottle uses a high-quality bottle cap that closely fits the bottle body, effectively preventing alcohol from evaporating and maintaining the taste and aroma of the spirit.
    (2) High temperature and cold resistance: 375ml liquor bottle is usually made of high borosilicate glass, which has good high temperature and low temperature resistance and is not easy to break, ensuring that the spirit remains stable in various environments.
    (3) Beautiful and practical: The design of the 375ml liquor bottle takes into account both beauty and practicality. The bottle body has smooth lines and a simple and elegant appearance. It is suitable for both home use and business occasions.
    (4) Lightweight and portable: Compared with other large-capacity spirits bottles, the 375ml liquor bottle is smaller in size, lighter in weight, easy to carry, and suitable for carrying when going out.
    (5) Environmental protection and energy saving: This spirit bottle is made of recyclable materials, which is in line with the trend of environmental protection and helps to reduce environmental pollution.
    Two-Spirit bottle production process
  4. Selection of materials
    The production of 375ml liquor bottle begins with the selection of high-quality materials. Generally speaking, spirits bottles are mainly made of glass, plastic, metal and other materials. Among them, glass bottles have become the most commonly used material due to their high transparency, high temperature resistance, and resistance to deformation. When selecting glass materials, high-purity silica sand needs to be used to ensure the transparency and hardness of the 375ml liquor bottle. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the environmental protection of materials and try to use recyclable materials to reduce the impact on the environment.
  5. cut costs
    The 375ml liquor bottle, suitable for single consumption. Compared with buying large bottles of spirits, using 375ml liquor bottle can effectively save costs. You can buy the right amount of spirits based on your needs to avoid wastage. At the same time, its high temperature resistance also allows spirits to be stored at appropriate temperatures, extending their shelf life.
    Three-Consumption Trend of Portable Spirit Bottles
    As consumers pursue quality of life, portable spirits bottles have gradually become a trend. People are no longer satisfied with traditional wine sets, but are pursuing more convenient and personalized products. With its unique design and practicality, 375ml liquor bottles are gradually becoming a new choice for consumers. The 375ml liquor bottle just meets consumers’ needs for carrying spirits. Its moderate capacity and portability make it a popular product on the market. Especially in outdoor activities, parties and other occasions, portable spirits bottles are favored by consumers.

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