Decal Printing of Glass Bottles And Product Features

Decal Printing of Glass Bottles And Product Features

Nowadays, the decal printing glass bottle is also one of the most common packaging in our daily life. It can be said that glass packaging has some natural and advantages over plastic packaging.

Decal printing glass bottle is to paste plastic decals directly on blown glass products and send them to the baking kiln by conveyor belt. After baking in temperature rising zone, high temperature zone and cooling zone, glass products with exquisite color patterns can be made. The process is combined with the die pressing pattern process to obtain glass products with three-dimensional color patterns.

Decal Printing of Glass Bottles And Product Features

Decal printing glass bottle features

The colors are gorgeous, and the designs and colors of baked vases are different. Today’s decal printing glass bottles are not only colorful, but also pay attention to the accuracy and brightness of flower paper. Different parchments pasted on different glasses must reflect different colors and effects. Decal printing is about design and process. On the basis of good design, we should also pay attention to the continuous improvement and progress of decimal printing.

Decal printing glass bottle in the market, all decal printing glass bottle screen printing ceramic binders contain resin that plays a bonding role. When printing is baked, these binders must be oxidized before the pigment melts, otherwise, the remaining carbon from the combustion of the binder will react with the pigment, so as to dilute the color of the pigment and reduce its gloss.

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