Factors Affecting The Smoothness of Glass Bottles

Factors Affecting The Smoothness of Glass Bottles

Because the glass bottle has good sealing performance and barrier performance, it can maintain the freshness of spirits in the glass bottle for a long time. Users often have spots of wrinkled skin, bubbles and scratches in the process of using the glass bottle. What are the factors affecting the smoothness of the glass bottle?

  1. When the glass blank falls into the primary mold, it cannot accurately enter the primary mold, and the friction with the mold wall is too large to form creases. After positive air blowing, the wrinkles diffuse and enlarge, forming wrinkles on the glass bottle body.
  2. The scissors mark of the upper feeder is too large, and the scissors scar appears on the bottle body after individual bottles are formed.
  3. The initial mold and molding materials of the glass bottle are poor, the density is not enough, the oxidation is too fast after high temperature, and small pits are formed on the surface of the mold, resulting in the surface of the formed glass bottle is not smooth.
  4. The poor quality of glass bottle mold oil will make the mold lubrication insufficient, the dropping speed will be reduced, and the material type will change too quickly.
Factors Affecting The Smoothness of Glass Bottles
  1. The design of the initial mold is unreasonable, and the mold cavity is large or small. After the material drops into the forming mold, it is blowing up and diffuses unevenly, which will cause spots on the glass bottle body.
  2. Uneven dropping speed of the machine and improper adjustment of the air nozzle will cause uncoordinated initial mold and molding temperature of the glass bottle, which is easy to create cold spots on the glass bottle body and directly affect the finish.
  3. Unclean glass liquid or uneven material temperature in the kiln will also cause bubbles, small particles and small hemp billets in the output glass bottle.
  4. If the speed of the row and column machine is too fast or slow, the glass bottle body will be uneven, and the thickness of the bottle wall will be different, resulting in flower spots.

The deep processing of glass bottles includes many contents and levels. It can design and produce products suitable for customers according to customers’ wine culture and corporate culture. In addition, the whole process of deep processing of glass bottles remains transparent. In addition to ensuring the integration of the advantages of all glass bottles, its novel and unique design, unique shape and prominent spiritual concept improve the grade and appreciation value of wine products.

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