How to clean unique candle jars

The unique candle jars needs to be cleaned after being used for a long time. Because the temperature required for melting the candle is low, you can boil water in the pot, and then immerse the candle cup in hot water. The wax liquid inside will melt by itself. After melting, pour it out or wipe it clean. The principle is the same as that of making aromatherapy candle.
We should fully burn the few candles left at the bottom, burn the wax in the cup into liquid, then extinguish the candle, and then pour out the wax oil. Maybe the cup will be a little hot. It is recommended to wrap it with paper.

unique candle jars

The candle core and iron pieces in the middle will be poured out together. At this time, the candle cup is super dirty. The remaining candle oil and the blackened cup wall are unbearable. There are also many ways to teach you how to clean on the Internet: scald with hot water and wipe with paper towel.
Take a piece and soak it in a little detergent to wipe the cup wall directly. You will find that it is very easy to clean and the cup wall blackened with candle oil can be easily done. After cleaning, wipe it dry with a paper towel. Try it quickly. The effect is still very effective.

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