skull liquor bottle

Interesting design – Skull liquor bottle

One of the biggest jokes of the 20th century – the crystal skull of Maya civilization. It refers to a model made of quartz stone (crystal). These models have been claimed by some museums to be genuine products made by the Aztec or Maya people in ancient America. But the evidence shows that they are not gifts given to them by higher civilizations outside the earth, let alone made by the ancient Mayans themselves. In fact, these are just models and forged by modern technology. However, the derivative culture it brings has swept the world, such as literary works, films and handicrafts.

skull liquor bottle

One of the most interesting products is to make a transparent glass bottle into a skull liquor bottle. Liquor of various colors fills the bottle, showing skeletons of different colors. Skull liquor bottle itself is in line with the skeleton culture in South America and is very popular. Therefore, skull liquor bottle has a very successful work from the design point of view.

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