Why are custom spirits bottles becoming increasingly popular?

Drink the best spiritsin the world and make friends all over the world. Hello everyone, I am the spiritsbottle customization editor of a glass bottle manufacturer.
Let me first introduce what is customized spirits. It means that spirits companies start with quality and bottle customization based on the needs of customers to create liquor with distinctive personality and strong personality attributes for customers.
It is a one-to-one high-quality service product.
Compared with ordinary spirits, customized spirits has strong personal style and attributes, and has more personal attributes and commemorative significance.
From the perspective of customization content, there are some focused on customized outer packaging of spirits bottles, some focused on customized spirits quality, or both.
Customers who get customized spirits bottle packaging can enjoy personalized services such as personalized spirits bottles, outer packaging, blessing language, engraving, year, etc. Customers who customize spirits quality can enjoy personalized services such as unique spirits recipes and customized vintage spiritss.
Whether it is spirits customization, spirits packaging, or spirits bottle customization, they all have something in common.
1: Small quantity. Customized spirits is different from spirits on the market. It is spirits specially enjoyed by customers and is generally not available for purchase. The quantity is also very limited. If the spirits quality is also customized individually,
There are strict requirements on brewing raw materials and technology, including exquisite brewing technology and high-quality service;
At the same time, due to the intervention of customers’ personalized attributes, each bottle of customized spirits is precious, and customized bottles are also treasures.
2: Complexity. For the quality of customized spirits, customers have strict requirements on the quality and craftsmanship of the spirits. All production processes are pursued at all costs, and the craftsmanship is painstaking, complex and delicate.
For the customized packaging of spirits bottles, it is necessary to repeatedly design and modify it until the customer is satisfied.
3: Privacy. Personalized customized spiritss are only circulated within a small range, and are not widespread consumer goods, nor are they obvious signs of consumption.
4: Preserve and increase value. For some categories of liquor, the longer the liquor ages, the more fragrant and higher quality it becomes, and its value increases with each passing year. For example, for Maotai-flavor liquor, the longer it is stored, the
Its value will be higher.
5: Artistry. Bottles and decanters are custom-packaged, often with a strong personal touch. It is often customer-led, customizing the outer packaging of spirits bottles and incorporating its own design ideas and concepts, which is highly artistic. Customized spirits is a luxury consumer product, but it is also a precious work of art. It exudes a strong artistic message from the inside out.
6: Transmission. Customized outer packaging of spirits bottles customized for enterprises, with corporate logos, can spread the brand deeper, wider, and wider. Under the dual communication of taste and vision, the brand memory will be more lasting, and it is more in line with the promotion of corporate brands.
7: Gift nature. Home-made spirits has become synonymous with high-end gift spirits due to its strong personalization and communication characteristics. Companies can give customers gifts as gifts to better spread the word about the company. Along with the spread of corporate brands, fine spirits has also become a good marketing tool.
The above introduces the advantages of customized spirits and customized spirits. Next, let’s analyze the customized spirits market segment.
The reasons are as follows:
With the continuous development of the spirits industry and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of material and spiritual culture is becoming more and more personalized. Coupled with the good face of the Chinese people, glass bottle manufacturers for customized spirits and spirits bottles are provided a vast stage.
Since 2008, China’s social situation has undergone tremendous changes. Except for some big brands whose spiritsry life is very moist, most other spiritsries are in a state of breaking even and losing money.
There is demand in the market, so these spiritsries have launched customized services, giving rise to a market for customized spirits and bottles.
Next, why customized spirits is becoming more and more popular.

  1. Meet people’s growing needs for personalized customization. The spirits bottle, spirits body and outer packaging can all be customized and designed by yourself. Whenever we see loving photos of newlyweds, the innocent smiling faces of children, the smiling faces of spirits bottles and birthday guests, a sense of pride, superiority and happiness arises in our hearts.
    It meets the display needs of enterprises’ self-image, products and serv.
  2. When we use customized spirits as reception spirits, we can fully demonstrate the company’s own strength and help the company succeed.
  3. By giving customized spirits as a gift to users, the company’s brand and image will be passed down forever with the spirits, forming a reputation among customers and enhancing brand reputation.
  4. When we use customized spirits as employee welfare spirits, the company’s care for employees will penetrate into the hearts and minds of employees like the aroma of spirits. It can enhance employees’ sense of identification with the company, form cohesion, and help the company make greater progress.
  5. When we use customized spirits as a corporate celebration or commemorative spirits, we will feel proud and superior when we see the company’s customized spirits.
  6. 3: Meets the private collection needs of successful people and business people. As private collections grew in size, people began to become dissatisfied with standard collections. You also need to customize some spirits with your own name and personal imprint.
  7. This is the real secret.
  8. 4: To meet the requirements of group gathering atmosphere, the friendship of classmates for ten or twenty years is reflected in a bottle of spirits. When everyone drinks the right spirits together, they will be more aware of the feelings of classmates and comrades-in-arms, and a sense of superiority and pride will arise in their hearts, which will enhance the friendship between classmates and comrades-in-arms.
  9. All in all, the emergence of self-brewing is both an accident and a necessity. It is a product of social development to a certain stage to meet people’s growing material and cultural needs. Its emergence plays an indispensable role in promoting people’s feelings and the development of enterprises.
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