750 ml bottles

Why are most wine bottles 750 ml bottles

Although glass blowing has been around since ancient Rome, wine was mostly stored in clay jars because glass bottles were expensive at the time. It wasn’t until the 17th and 18th centuries that wine in glass bottles became more common, although wine bottles generally ranged from 600ml to 750 ml bottles. At that time, Bordeaux (Bordeaux) was already well-known, and Britain, known as the “empire on which the sun never sets,” was the largest exporter of French wine.

750 ml bottles

The headache is that the UK is measured in “imperial gallons”, while in France it is “liters”. In order to facilitate the conversion, the 225L Bordeaux oak barrels used for transportation are selected as the standard, so that it is almost 50 gallons; and it has been proved that this specification is also very suitable for marine transportation. However, the question arises again, how many bottles should a barrel of wine be divided into? Smart people can always think of a way, they found that an oak barrel of wine can be divided into 25 cases, 12 bottles in each case, each bottle 750mL, which means 1 oak barrel = 225 liters = 50 gallons = 25 cases* 12 bottles = 300 bottles * 0.75 liters. That is, one is 750 ml bottles. Thus, the so-called standard bottle theory was born.


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