History and knowledge of empty wine bottles wholesale

History and knowledge of empty wine bottles wholesale

There are kinds of empty wine bottles wholesale in the market. But the wine bottles’ history and knowlege. Seldom know the culture.

Until the 17th century, red wine was stored in wooden barrels or clay pots. The method of storing wine in containers such as glass bottles is convenient for storage and transportation. In order to allow the wine to be placed horizontally, which is conducive to the aging of the wine, the bottle gradually evolved from the initial round belly shape to a slender bottle shape. Today’s red wine is usually packed in traditional heavy bottles, and the bottle shape is often the result of commercial needs. Most red wine producing areas use different bottle shapes, which are different from the aging process of the various wines they contain. Conditions are not unrelated, such as: the length of storage time and the amount of precipitation, etc., because the colorless bottle cannot protect the wine from light damage, so its usage rate is lower than that of the colored bottle. Some bottle types, Bottles like Bordeaux and Burgundy have been used around the world, mainly for products similar to Bordeaux and Burgundy. Red wine bottles are usually dark green or brown, in order to protect the red wine from sunlight, brown wine bottles are more protective than green wine bottles.

The color of the red wine bottle: usually varies according to the production area and type, such as German white wine, the brown bottle represents the wine of the Rhine region (Rhein), and the green bottle represents the wine of the Mosel River region (Mosel).

Wine bottle size: The size of the wine bottle affects the quality of the wine. Red wine in large bottles keeps fresher than red wine in small bottles, and large bottles can slow down the aging rate of red wine.

History and knowledge of empty wine bottles wholesale

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