Picking Your Perfect DIY Candle Container

Picking Your Perfect DIY Candle Container

Stating the obvious, your container needs to be heat-safe. Most glassware, ceramics, and tin will work, but there’s a few things to consider: 

When picking glassware, keep in mind it needs to withstand heat, hold wax well, and is not likely to crack. A crack while your candle is lit could be disastrous! Some glassware can be too thin. Canning jars are a great option. Not only are they cute, but they also meet the guidelines of withstanding heat and holding wax well. Besides picking an acceptable glass, there are a few best practice precautions you can take to make sure your glass doesn’t crack.
Firstly, always pick the right size wick for your candle. Overwicking your candle can lead to too much heat on your glassware, potentially causing cracks. If you’re unsure of what size wick to use, check out this “Wick Guide” that generates the perfect wick for your candle based on the diameter of your container and the type of wax you’re using. Secondly, make sure your wick is centered. An uncentered wick could cause an excess of heat on one point of the glass, potentially causing cracks. 

Picking Your Perfect DIY Candle Container

ceramic candle vessels
You also want to make sure your container is not porous (able to absorb liquid). Ceramics are great to use for candle containers, but they need to be properly treated so that they are no longer porous. Porous, unglazed materials, such as clay flower pots, can actually act as a wick, making your flame grow to the rim of your container, and you could wind up with a much bigger flame than intended. So stick to something that doesn’t soak in liquids such as ceramic bowls and mugs. 

With all that being said, any container can be an unsafe container if left unsupervised! Just because you’re following all the rules when picking your container, don’t trust that it’s 100% safe and neglect it. Every candle still needs to burn on a heat resistant surface and nowhere near drapes, plants, or anything flammable! 

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