How to cut bottle to candle jars?

How to cut bottle to candle jars?

Cutting glass bottles to candle Jars is a good way to make good use of empty glass bottles. We can cut many size we want, such as 4 candle jars 8oz candle jars and 12 oz candle jars. Below are two ways to cut the bottle. When you have a try. Please protect yourself well.

1.tying rope, Wrap the rope around the bottle a few times and tie it. Wrap the rope tightly around the widest part of the bottle at least 3 to 4 turns. After tying the knot, cut off the end of the rope. Bottling the water line to the rope, light the rope, when the rope burned, put the bottle into the water, the rope upside ring will be easy to break up. A new candle jar is born.

2.Buy an industrial wine bottle cutter or a sharp glass cutter. These two small tools are able to cut round glass bottles evenly. If your crafting project is simple and effortless, you can do without the above tools, but if you need to cut glass bottles frequently, you should definitely buy a wine bottle cutter because it is easy to use and cheap. In addition to wine bottle cutters, glass cutters or sharp, precision blades can cut glass bottles beautifully and cleanly.
At last as a reminder, before using the glass bottle, sand the rough edges smooth. Although glass bottles cut this way have relatively clean cuts, it’s always good to be careful. If the cut feels thorny or rough to the touch, sand the top of the bottle smooth.

DIY candle jars is an interesting things.

How to cut bottle to candle jars?

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