Glass bottle production is the latest industry impacted by the war in Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine has had a huge impact on the world economy, resulting in an increase in raw materials and energy shortage. Valiant glass group, one of the powerful glass bottle manufacturers in China, our team made preparations in advance, stocking raw materials and enough hot-selling bottles for fast delivery to our customers. This is the 1000ml bottle we deliver to European customers, it is only 20 days from order to delivery.

With more than 9 years of glass bottle manufacturing experience, we have developed thousands of liquor bottle models. There are different kinds of liquor bottle designs for customers to choose from, most customers can find their favorite glass bottle from our existing ready-made bottles. Delivery time for such orders is 15-20 days.
Some distilleries companies have their own personalized bottles. In this way, if you provide us with glass bottle drawings, glass bottle samples, or even wine bottle pictures, we will develop or reproduce the same glass bottles. The lead time for molds is 12 days.

Valiant is not only the choice of glass containers but also helps our customers to develop their brands and expand their customer base.

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