What knowledge do you have about candle holder design?

What knowledge do you have about candle holder design?

 If the candle holder was more practical in the past, now the candle holder is more decorative. Because in our current life, technology is relatively developed and electricity is relatively perfect in all aspects, so there is no need to light candles under no special circumstances.

So to a large extent, it can be said that candle holders are very good decorative items, and they have a strong quaint atmosphere and are the type that many people prefer. It is because of this that the design of the candle holder has become something that everyone pays more attention to. First of all, we need to know that the candle holder can have a single candle holder or a whole large candle holder that can put many candles on it.

The candle holder design is mainly The type and style are British style and some more classical or retro styles. We are more common in this type of style. The feeling of high candle holder and low candle holder is also different. Many low candle holders are hollowed out in circular or oval shape with some details. The design range of high candle holders is relatively wide. The main That is, there will be some designs in the middle to reduce the diameter of the circle and draw some pictures on the surface of the candle holder or engrave patterns like tortoiseshell candles like the low candle holder.

To a large extent, the design of the candle holder is a continuation of the classical culture of the past, and it is a good product for decoration and collection.

What knowledge do you have about candle holder design?

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