What are the characteristics of square glass bottle?

What are the characteristics of square glass bottle?

Johnnie Walker whisky’s signature, of course, is its square bottle. Alexander Walker was the first liquor purveyor to implement square bottles, and many other brands have since followed suit, creating their own square bottle design, including Evan Williams bourbon and Omeca Altos tequila. Why the change?

Cubes are stronger than cylinders

The onset of the Industrial Revolution innovated global trade on a platform yet unseen. Johnnie Walker’s Kilmarnock received its first railway in 1811, per the BBC — eight years before the Johnnie Walker brand debuted. As the company and customer demand grew, the railway allowed for the distribution of the Scotch whisky with rapidly increasing efficiency and volume. Via Thrillist, Alexander Walker rolled out the famous square bottle a few decades later, in 1860, to reduce bottle breakages during transport, ensuring the product was delivered safely to customers. 

The cube-shaped bottles provide a signature aesthetic for the Black Label brand, but the genius of their square structural design cannot be overlooked. According to the geometry experts at Structural Guide, cubes and cylinders have a characteristic strength ratio of 15:12, respectively, which means cubes are 125% stronger.

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What are the characteristics of square glass bottle?

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