Major news of VALIANT GROUP industry

Major news of Valiant Glass industry

Multi-party data analysis shows that due to the relief of the (COVID-19) new crown epidemic, the impact on social activities has gradually weakened. Coupled with the Federal Reserve’s dovish attitude towards interest rates, the confidence in the capital market to maintain interest rates below 5% has increased, and major wine companies have raised their sales expectations for 2023.

Valiant Glass also conducted a preliminary analysis on the orders of major wine companies in 2023. The wine market will continue to grow in 2023. It is expected that the demand of the entire wine market will increase by 16% to 23% year-on-year. year. At the same time, the continuous reduction of sea freight rates will boost liquidity and further expand demand. In 2023, Valiant Glass will continue to expand production capacity and product structure to meet customer needs, and help partners continue to develop and expand the market.

Correspondingly, the company has also raised its revenue level for fiscal year 2023, which is expected to grow by 30%

Major news of VALIANT GROUP industry

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