Glass bottle sealing problem

There are some sealing problems in glass bottles with lid. How to find the reason and avoid them is important to solve the problem.

  1. The nature of the product is uncertain, and a dechemical reaction occurs during the storage process, resulting in a certain pressure in the bottle, which causes the cap to loosen or break. Create a leaky seal.
  2. The plastic is broken and the seal is tightly sealed so that it is stressed. Causes of plastic aging Aging aging and and and cracking Glass wine bottles are also manufactured with tight seals.
  3. Unscrew the uniform. There is only one sealing surface with the glass. The seal between the bottle cap and the bottle mouth must be guaranteed by tightening and tightening. . . Because the product is inconsistent for manual effect. There will also be cases where the glass wine is not tightly sealed.
  4. Glass quality problems. The wine bottle is not well matched, and the bad bad bad bad bad bad layer gaskets are prone to displacement and displacement, and there are phenomena.
    Glass bottle sealing problem

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