Glass bottle material directly affects product grade

When many customers inquire about the price of glass bottles, some people may wonder why the prices of glass bottles with equal material weight and equal style are not the same. In fact, the difference lies in the materials used for glass bottles. Like our common plain white glass bottles In the production and distribution, a lot of recycled materials are used. The formula price of high white material and crystal white material is far higher than that of ordinary white material, so the price is relatively much higher. Some people don’t understand. High white material and crystal white material What’s the difference?

First of all, in terms of the color of the glass bottle, the transparency of the bottle made of high white material and the color of the glass are better, while the color and light transmittance of crystal white material are basically the same as those of high white material. The advantage is that the density is high and the refractive index is high. The formula of different kinds of glass is also different. High-white material glass needs to select fine material and quartz sand with less impurities and high density, while crystal white material is basically made of quartz stone as the main material and silica as the auxiliary material, and then processed. , The production process of these two materials is also different. High white materials are basically produced by automatic machines, while crystal white materials are mostly produced by artificial machines. The raw materials of glass bottles are different, and the functions of the products produced are different.

Glass bottle material directly affects product grade

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