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Every Bottle We Produce Is Strictly Inspected.

Strictly abide by the production standards and only produce safe, healthy and environmental friendly glass bottles.

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We Have a Variety Of Service Solutions For Various Enterprises To Help Enterprises Complete Transformation And Product Breakthrough



“Valiant Glass has incredible creativity and helped my products achieve innovative breakthroughs.” 


Oliver & Oliver is a family business of Cuban descent, located in the Dominican Republic, dedicated to the production and sale of handmade high-end rum. Our company is famous for its wide variety of products. Each of our rum wines is different in aroma, presence, aroma and flavor.



“Valiant Glass helped us solve the problem of bottle supply and improper bottle cap.”


Soldier Valley Spirits, a liquor brand from the United States, adheres to the “core values of faith, family and serving the country” With respect for veterans and dedication to liquor brewing, founder JEFF makes super pure high-quality vodka

and whisky after 6 times of distillation. Valiant Glass was found in February 2021, and we solved the problem of bottle supply and improper bottle cap for him. Now we are providing services for Jeff’s new products.

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