Are you looking for amber glass bottles

Do you know the usage of amber glass bottles?
Amber glass bottles are commonly used for the following products:

  1. Medicines and herbal preparations: Amber glass bottles are very effective for protecting medicines and herbal preparations from light. They are often used in decorative herbs, nutritional supplements, essential oils and other natural health products.
  2. Food condiments: Amber glass bottles are often used for decorative food condiments, such as vanilla extracts, essential oils, concentrated fruit juices, etc. This glass material can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays and harmful light to the product, maintaining its quality and freshness.
  3. Brewing and Beer: Amber glass bottles are also a popular choice in the brewing and beer industry. The bottle is designed to block UV rays, preventing the flavor from spoiling beer caused by sunlight. In addition, the amber glass protects the aroma and taste in the beer from light.
  4. Cosmetics and personal care products: Because amber glass bottles effectively protect products from light and oxidation, they are also a common choice for cosmetics and personal care products. These products include fragrances, liquid foundations, facial oils and serums, among others.

In summary, amber glass bottles are generally suitable for products such as pharmaceuticals, food, alcohol, and cosmetics that need to protect the product from light and harmful light.

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