Sri Lanka’s Premier Glass Bottle Manufacturers: A Deep Dive

Sri Lanka, renowned for its pristine beaches and rich culture, is also fast becoming a hub for sustainable business practices. With the global shift towards eco-friendly packaging solutions, the demand for glass bottles has surged within the country. Beyond its shores, Sri Lankan glass bottle manufacturers are making waves, exporting their top-notch products across the globe. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the top 10 glass bottle manufacturers that Sri Lanka boasts of.

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1.PGP Glass Ceylon PLC

Pioneering the glass manufacturing sector in Sri Lanka, PGP Glass Ceylon PLC has been a stalwart for over 60 years. Holding the unique distinction of being the island’s singular glass manufacturer, PGP Glass caters to a plethora of industries with its diverse and superior range.

PGP Glass Ceylon PLC

2.Piramal Glass Ceylon PLC

An international icon in glass bottle manufacturing, Piramal Glass has significant operations across Sri Lanka, the USA, and India. Their extensive product lineup serves a variety of sectors, solidifying their reputation as industry leaders.

Piramal Glass Ceylon PLC


arning its title as the most extensive glass bottle import and supply service in Sri Lanka, GlassBottles.LK promises unmatched quality. Their offerings encompass both local and imported products, granting businesses a vast array of choices.


4.Sri Lankan Glass Bottles Suppliers and Manufacturers

This coalition of local manufacturers showcases the diversity and prowess of Sri Lanka’s glass bottle industry. Their unwavering commitment to delivering quality and ensuring client satisfaction places them in high regard among businesses.

Sri Lankan Glass Bottles Suppliers and Manufacturers

5.Adhikari Scrap Ltd

While Adhikari Scrap Ltd’s mainstay is recycling, they’ve innovatively branched out into producing pristine glass bottles. Their groundbreaking techniques have carved a niche for them within the industry, making them stand out.

Adhikari Scrap Ltd

6.Sky Seller

Synonymous with trust and quality, Sky Seller has carved its place in the market with its exquisite craftsmanship. Catering to various industry needs with their versatile product range, they are a favored choice for many.

7.Purveli Pet Industries

While they are primarily celebrated for their plastic products, Purveli Pet Industries has ventured into the glass bottle sector. Their dedication to delivering excellence in product and service sets them apart.

Purveli Pet Industries

8.GS Plastic Industries

Do not let the name deceive you! GS Plastic Industries, while excelling in plastic, also shines in the realm of glass bottle manufacturing. Their sustainable and innovative solutions have garnered them much acclaim.

9.Wholesale Glass Liquor Bottles Supplier

Catering especially to the booming beverage sector of Sri Lanka, this manufacturer is a top choice for liquor businesses. They offer a medley of premium glass bottles that resonate with luxury.

Wholesale Glass Liquor Bottles Supplier

10.H.N.G. Glass Factory

A reputed name in Sri Lanka, H.N.G. Glass Factory’s vast range of glass bottles is complemented by their stellar commitment to quality, making them a primary choice for many businesses.

H.N.G. Glass Factory

Wrapping Up

Sri Lanka’s glass bottle manufacturing landscape is a vivid tapestry of innovation, sustainability, and quality. As businesses, both local and international, gravitate towards eco-friendly packaging, these top ten manufacturers stand ready to meet the demand, echoing Sri Lanka’s commitment to a greener future. Whether you’re a burgeoning local business or a global conglomerate, Sri Lanka’s glass bottle manufacturers are equipped to offer impeccable packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

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