Recycled glass

Recycled Glass: Protecting the Environment

The quality of glass is stable, and the glass bottles produced are recyclable, which means that the glass bottles can be recycled again and again and recycled all the time. Most recycled glass can be used to make new containers. Or made into building materials, insulating materials, ceramic tile glaze and beads. Some glass containers used in our daily life may contain recycled glass.

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass

Today, VIT will focus on recycled glass. Recycled glass refers to melting glass bottles or broken glass and adding it to raw materials to make new glass. When making glass, VIT will mix broken glass with soda ash, limestone and sand. The mixture is heated above 2600 degrees Fahrenheit. Then shape it into a new container. Advantages of recycled glass: the melting point of broken glass is lower than that of ordinary glass, which reduces the combustion time and fuel of the furnace, so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The cost of broken glass is lower than that of raw materials. Therefore, the use of recycled glass is also a good option for environmental protection.

Protecting the environment starts with you and me !

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