Valiant Christmas event introduction

Introduction to the 2023 Christmas Marketing Campaign:

Theme: Spend a warm Christmas with Valiant, and creative offers are waiting for you!

  1. For large goods for new and old customers, we will make free mold bases with logos.
    • Activity content: Provide all new and old customers who place orders with free production of bottle mold bases with the company logo.
    • Target audience: Suitable for corporate customers and lovers of personalized gifts.
    • Promotional information: Exclusive bottle mold base to make your gift unique!
    • Activity period: from November 20th to December 20th.
  2. Promotional discounts: big discounts on spot goods
    • Activity content: Select a specific product series for ready delivery to ensure that the products are delivered before Christmas.
    • Target audience: general consumers, corporate buyers.
    • SALE: Order now, get one on sale and be sure to have it delivered to you before Christmas.
    • Activity period: from now until December 20th.
  3. Customers provide product sketches and we help you complete 3D renderings.
    • Activity content: Customers provide product sketches or design concepts, and our team will use advanced 3D technology to complete exquisite renderings of the product for you.
    • Target audience: breweries that need to realize product ideas.
    • Promotional information: Turn your product ideas into reality with stunning 3D renderings for free!
    • Activity period: from December 1st to December 25th.
  4. Free proofing to support products that require post-processing to achieve results
    • Activity content: If customers provide product sample requirements, we will provide free proofing services to ensure you are satisfied with the product effect.
    • Target audience: wineries, distilleries, breweries, corporate buyers.
    • Promotional information: Provide free proofing services for your products and support post-processing to help you achieve perfect results!
    • Activity period: from November 20th to December 31st.

The above are our carefully crafted Christmas marketing activities, hoping to bring creativity and surprises to our customers and make your Christmas gifts unique! Join us now and spend a warm and creative Christmas with us!

There will be a major surprise event on December 15th, so look forward to it,Click to contact Valiant immediately.

Valiant Christmas event introduction

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