VALIANT Teaches You How To Store Brandy

VALIANT Teaches You How To Store Brandy

Many drinking partners don’t know much about the storage method of brandy, so VALIANT will popularize the storage method of brandy. Brandy under different conditions has different storage methods.

VALIANT Teaches You How To Store Brandy

(1) Prevent sunlight: light can accelerate the chemical changes of long-chain fatty acid chemicals and similar chemicals in brandy. In the long run, the color tone of the wine becomes lighter and the original taste disappears. Therefore, the brandy should be placed in the area where the light source cannot shine. In order to show the color of brandy, many glass bottles are fully transparent, which is more unfavorable to the storage of brandy. Therefore, it is suggested that the gift box should not be discarded when purchasing brandy, and the brandy can be stored in the gift box.

(2) Suitable temperature: high temperature or strong temperature change will also promote the chemical reaction of brandy and make it lose its original taste. And the high temperature will make a lot of alcohol evaporate, which may lead to environmental pollution of wine stopper and endanger the taste of brandy. It is more suitable to maintain the temperature at 7-12 ℃.

(3) Placed vertically: unlike red wine, brandy can be placed horizontally. Due to the high alcohol content of brandy, it is very easy to destroy the structure of bottle stopper. After the long-term penetration and moistening of wine, the bottle stopper will become more and more soft and easy to break or rot, resulting in the trouble of opening the cap and the environmental pollution of wine. It is recommended to place the glass bottle vertically.

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