How to choose high quality glass bottles

How to choose high quality glass bottles

In our daily life, we often come into contact with various types of glass products, wholesale candle jars How to choose high-quality glass bottles. In order to let everyone know more about the selection method of glass wine bottles, VIT collected data and compiled this article, hoping to be helpful.

How to choose high quality glass bottles

① Glass quality: pure and uniform, without sand, stripes, bubbles and other shortcomings. Colorless glass has high transparency; The color of color glass is uniform and stable, and can absorb light energy of a certain wavelength.

② Physical and chemical properties: it has certain chemical stability. Glass candle cans and high-quality glass bottles do not interact with the contents. With certain earthquake resistance and mechanical strength, it can withstand the heating and cooling processes such as washing and sterilization, as well as filling, storage and transportation. In case of general internal and external stress, vibration and impact, it can remain intact.

③ Molding quality: maintain a certain capacity, weight and shape, uniform wall thickness, smooth and flat mouth to ensure convenient filling and good sealing. There are no defects such as skew deformation, unsmooth surface, unevenness and cracks.

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