How to increase the hardness of 750ml glass bottle?

How to increase the hardness of glass? Brittle glass bottles are not safe, so today glass bottle manufacturers tell you how to increase the hardness of 750ml glass bottles.

The first is the transparency of 750ml glass bottle. The transparency of glass bottles can give customers a clean visual image. The hardness and quality of glass bottles can enhance customers’ self-confidence. Many glass bottle manufacturers improve the quality of glass containers by cold and hot spraying and inner and outer walls of 750ml glass bottles.

How to increase the hardness of 750ml glass bottle?

Another way to improve the hardness of the container by adding powder in the wall heating is to reduce the cracks on the surface and inside of the glass bottle, so as to improve the hardness of the glass bottle and improve the yield and quality. The specific principle of this powder spraying method is: when the 750ml glass bottle comes out of the molding die of the bottle making machine, put the multi particle ammonium sulfate powder into the bottle through the automatic powder spraying machine, and then anneal in the annealing kiln.

The automatic powder feeder is equipped with a funnel, a powder storage pipe and a powder feeding nozzle. The piston rod with feed hole can slide repeatedly to a certain extent. The powder in the storage tube can be fed into the feeding nozzle quantitatively and fall into the glass bottle. Because the powder is evenly distributed in the glass bottle and the heat absorption at the bottom of the bottle is uniform, the occurrence of cracks is reduced and the treatment quality is improved. After the second return of the 750ml glass bottle manufacturer, there are few cracks in the glass bottle, and the hardness and output can be improved accordingly.

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