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Why Do Most Fancy Tequila Use Glass Bottles As Containers?

Nowadays, whether attending banquets or gifts received during festivals, careful friends may find that fancy tequila mostly uses glass bottles.Why does fancy tequila love glass bottles? Let’s welcome the glass bottle manufacturers one by one.

fancy tequila

1、 The glass bottle is made by firing at high temperature and has high physical and chemical stability, which ensures the storage quality of the glass bottle.

2、 The glass bottle has the function of air permeability and no leakage, and has a good aging effect on the aging process of the original tequila.

3、 Frosted glass bottle is opaque, which avoids the chemical reaction of light to wine and maintains the quality of tequila well.

4、 The glass bottle has slow heat conduction and can maintain a moderate tequila temperature, which not only has the effect of cellaring tequila, but also makes the wine more old and more fragrant.

5、 The raw material of glass bottle is made of natural minerals. It contains elements such as iron, copper and calcium, which is beneficial to health.

6、 More importantly, because the glass bottle has exquisite manufacturing technology, various artistic forms, simple and generous, high collection value, reflects taste and cultural heritage, and improves the grade of tequila.

Tequila is the representative of civilization and inheritance. Each kind of fancy tequila has its special cultural origin. Especially for fancy tequila, the significance of tequila bottle to fancy tequila is not only the packaging bottle of fancy tequila, but also the embodiment of Millennium tequila culture.

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