black candle jars

What is The Frosting Process Of Glass Bottles?

There are many manufacturing processes for glass wine bottles. Some manufacturers want to make wine bottles more colorful and beautiful, such as red glass bottles, black glass bottles and black candle jars. Frosting process will be carried out. What is the frosting process? I believe many friends still don’t understand. What is the frosting process of wine bottles?

black candle jars

Frosting is a decorative method in which a certain area of glass colored glaze powder is adhered to the glass in process. After baking at a high temperature of 580 ~ 600 ℃, the glass colored glaze coating melts on the glass surface and shows a different color from the main body of the glass. Adhering glass colored glaze powder can be painted with a row pen or roller. Black Candle jars, Through silk screen printing, you can get the floor space pattern on the frosted surface.

The method is to screen print a layer of patterns formed by flux inhibitor on the surface of the glass bottle. After the printed pattern is air dried, it can be frosted. Then after high-temperature baking, the frosted surface without pattern will melt on the glass surface, while the sand surface covered on the pattern cannot be melted on the glass surface due to the action of flux inhibitor in the place of silk screen printing pattern. After baking, the transparent floor space pattern will appear through the translucent sand surface, forming a special decorative effect. Frosted screen printing flux inhibitor is composed of iron oxide, talc powder and clay. It is ground by ball mill with a fineness of 350 mesh. It is mixed with adhesive before screen printing.

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